Using Yeast to Improve Color and Aroma Extraction from Skins (in Collaboration with 2B) (2017)

This study examines the impact of Rubino Extra (2B), BM45 (ScottLabs), and Alchemy III (Anchor) on the phenolic and aroma characteristics of Cabernet Franc wines. The goal was to see if the Rubino Extra yeast could enhance anthocyanin and aroma extraction from the grapes, relative to other yeast strains. Grapes were harvested on the same day and processed into 3 separate T Bins. Each of the three T Bins were inoculated with one of the three yeasts. All other treatments between wines were identical. The BM45 trial fermented slowest, and Rubino Extra trial fermented fastest. Lactic acid was higher in the wine produced with BM45. Color intensity varied among yeasts. Anthocyanins were higher in the Alchemy 3 trial, and lower in the Rubino Extra trial. Overall, not many trends were seen between these wines. The Rubino Extra yeast tended to produce wines with slightly lower Overall Aromatic Intensity and Fruit Intensity. The Alchemy 3 and BM45 yeasts were fairly similar, except that BM45 was perhaps more in-between the Rubino Extra and the Alchemy 3 yeast. The Alchemy 3 yeast appeared to produce a distinctive floral or fruity quality. Preference trends reversed between tastings, and as such it is unclear which yeast strain was the most preferred.

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