ScottLabs IONYS WF Yeast Trial on Chardonnay (2016)

This study examines the impact of IONYSWF yeast (Lallemand) on Chardonnay wine when compared to fermentation with CY3079. Chardonnay juice was settled and split into separate barrels, inoculated with either CY3079 or IONYSWF. Although the IONYSWF fermentation proceeded much slower, not many chemical differences could be seen between the different yeast strains, except that the pH and TA of the IONYSWF – fermented wine was slightly higher. The lower level of free sulfur dioxide in CY3079 suggests a slightly higher production of sulfur dioxide-binding compounds. These results suggest that people are able to tell a difference between Chardonnay wine produced with IONYSWF yeast and wine produced from CY3079. People often preferred wine produced with IONYSWF yeast, likely due to its tendency to enhance Fruit Intensity, Overall Aromatic Intensity, Depth of Flavor, and Body. Although the yeast is marketed to increase acidity, this was not observed in this study. This yeast shows promise with regard to aromatic development in Chardonnay, but more studies are needed to confirm this.

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