Tasting Wines

The WRE requires that all experimental wines are to be tasted in sensory sessions that are open to winemakers throughout the state, regardless of whether they have participated in studies.  A natural consequence of scientific studies on sensory aspects of food is that a level of abstraction is imposed on the reader, who is only able to read about sensory results from experimentation but is unable to taste the results of the studies themselves.  These sessions will give winemakers first-hand information as to whether they can tell a difference in the final wines produced.  The open invitation for winemakers across the state to be involved in the sensory sessions will help to democratize the scientific process in the Virginia industry.  Thus these sessions, as well as the public results generated by the WRE, can be of great benefit to wineries which may not have the resources to donate time and wine to a project, but can still tailor their own winemaking practices and styles based on the results of other wineries which may be similar in style or appellation.


Upcoming Sensory Sessions