Leaf Pulling on One vs Two Sides of Petit Verdot Vines (2017)

This study examines the impact of leaf pulling on one vs both sides of the vine in Petit Verdot. Petit Verdot vines (clone 400, planted 2012, 9x4 spacing, ESVC/CW index of 2.4) from the same block were split so that all vines received leaf pulling on the east side at flowering, and one portion of the vineyard received leaf pulling on the west side as well at veraison. Grapes were harvested on the same date, and all winemaking practices were identical between treatments. Must was inoculated with D80, Enzyme CX was added, punched down twice per day until fermentation was complete, and then switched to one punchdown per day during extended maceration (25 days maceration time, total). Juice chemistry was similar between treatments, although leaf pulling on one side resulted in higher alcohol content and lower acidity. Color and anthocyanin were not much impacted by treatments. Seed tannin indices (catechin, epicatechin, and gallic acid) may have been slightly lowered with leaf pulling on both sides. Tannin may have slightly decreased by this treatment, as well. The sensory results suggest that the two wines were significantly different. No strong trends could be seen for the descriptors used in this study,  although Acidity seemed to be lower in the one sided leaf pulling wine. No major preference trends could be seen between treatments. This study should continue to be performed over multiple years, in different regions, as well as on different grape varieties.

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