The Effect of Leaf Removal at Bloom vs Leaf Removal at Veraison on Ripeness (2016)

This study examines the impact of removing the 4 most basal leaves from Cabernet Sauvignon vines at 30% bloom. One section of a vineyard block was not leafed at bloom, while another section underwent this leafing treatment. Both treatments received leaf-pulling at veraison. All other vineyard and fermentation practices were the same. Leaf removal at bloom appeared to slightly reduce berry weight, cluster weight, Brix, and yield. Grape phenolics and TA were slightly increased by bloom leaf removal. Wine produced with leaf removal at bloom had lower ethanol, color intensity, and tannin. Judges did not find the wines to be significantly different, and there were no strong preference trends for either wine. Early leaf removal may have had a very weak tendency to increase Overall Aromatic Intensity. The lack of differences are likely due in part to the particular vintage (weather events may have equalized the treatments) and in part due to vegetative growth reducing the effectiveness of the bloom leaf removal. More studies need to be performed in this area in order to draw more conclusions.

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