The Effect of LalVigne Mature Foliar Spray on the South Side of Merlot Vines (2016)

This study examines the impact of LalVigne Mature Foliar Spray (ScottLabs) on ripeness and the chemical and sensory qualities of the South side of Merlot vines planted East-West. Every other row of a block of Merlot was sprayed at 5% veraison and 10 days later following the LalVigne spray protocol with a tunnel recycle sprayer, allowing for a treatment of sprayed Merlot and a treatment of unsprayed Merlot. Both treatments were harvested only from the South side of the vine (afternoon side) and processed identically and on the same day, but kept separate. All other treatments between projects were identical. The LalVigne spray slightly decreased tannins and anthocyanins in the grape berries. Caffeic acid was higher in wine from grapes treated with LalVigne. Tannin was also increased in wine from grapes sprayed with LalVigne, but anthocyanins were decreased. Triangle sensory testing revealed no significant differences between wines, and there was no strong preference for either wine. The sprayed wines tended to exhibit greater Fruit Intensity, but this was not a strong tendency.

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