WRE Presents at 2017 US BevX

The theme of the 2017 US BevX conference in Washington, D.C. was the quality revolution in East Coast winemaking.  Among the many topics explored were farming quality grapes in Eastern and Midwestern regions, philosophical discussion sessions about what a commitment to quality means in winemaking, and best business practices.  The WRE hosted two technical winemaking panels, one on the use of whole clusters and stem inclusion in winemaking (with panelists Stephen Barnard and Matthieu Finot), and the other on the use of oak adjuncts in red wine fermentations (with panelists Michael Heny and Emily Pelton).  

These discussions not only discussed scientific and practical theory behind these winemaking techniques, but also showed data on experimental wines which were tasted at these sessions.  The impact of these practices on winemaking style, as well as practical implications of these practices, were also discussed.