WRE Presents at 2017 Annual VVA Meeting

The 2017 Annual Virginia Vineyards Association meeting, held at Charlottesville from February 24-25, discussed many pressing aspects of Virginia viticulture.  Read the full article from Wines and Vines to learn more about the VVA meeting.  Subjects discussed at the meeting included sprayable frost protection, the challenges of organic viticulture in Virginia and Maryland, and composting.  

At this meeting, the WRE hosted a panel which discussed three different vineyard projects performed in 2016: The effect of bloom leaf removal on the chemical and sensory qualities of Cabernet Franc (Jordan Harris and Kevin Goolsby, Tarara Winery); The effect of desiccation spray on the chemical and sensory qualities of Chambourcin wine (Bill and Tremain Hatch, Zephaniah Farm Vineyard); and the effect of crop adjustment and desiccation sprays on ripeness qualities in Merlot (Matthieu Finot, King  Family Vineyards).  The panel not only discussed scientific and practical knowledge behind these treatments, but also tasted experimental wines with the audience to discuss stylistic impacts.

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