Practical Research

The experiments supported by the VWRE are intended to be performed on grapes and wine at a production-level scale.   These experiments are intended to mimic real-world winemaking conditions as closely as possible.


Problem-Solving Research

The range of different strategies developed by winemakers across the state to address problems through the WRE presents us with the unique opportunity to evaluate the effect of many different practices on solving common (or uncommon) issues.  Solving viticultural and enological problems across the state is a major goal of the WRE.

Stylistic Research

The research performed by the WRE can also help winemakers develop new winemaking styles or improve upon their current style.  As opposed to some other winemaking regions, Virginia is in the unique position where wines do not yet have a commercially expected “style” that winemakers must adhere to for economic success.  This has resulted in a rich and diversified set of wine styles across the state.  The WRE can provide guidance, laboratory analysis, sensory analysis, and community feedback on these stylistic experiments.  Providing winemakers with experimental methodology to achieve their desired style is another major goal of the WRE.