Skin Contact vs Traditional Pressing of Petit Manseng (2016)

This study compares the effects of destemming and cold soaking Petit Manseng Grapes for 6 hours prior to pressing compared to directly pressing whole clusters. Juice produced with skin contact showed higher pH without much change in TA. The wine which underwent skin contact showed much lower TA and much higher pH. Skin contact also increased color intensity, catechin, tannin, caffeic acid, gallic acid, and astilbin. Caftaric acid was decreased by skin contact. This loss in caftaric acid and gain in caffeic acid could be due to equilibrium pressure. Sensory testing found the wines to be significantly different. Direct to Press wines had a slight tendency for higher Tropical Fruit aromatics, and a strong tendency for these wines to have higher Overall Aromatic Intensity. Skin-Contacted wines had strong tendencies towards increased Bitterness, and a slight tendency for higher Astringency. In general, people tended to prefer wines made from direct pressing. Studies of this kind, in conjunction with phenolic fining studies, should be performed in the future.

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