The effect of Stimula Sauv Blanc (Scottlabs) fermentation nutrients on Thiol Production in Sauvignon Blanc (2018)

Stinson Vineyards, Rachel Stinson Vrooman

Thiols have become a defining characteristic of aromatic Sauvignon Blanc wines. Enological companies have developed specialized nutrients to increase thiol production during fermentation. In this study, fermentation using Stimula Sauv Blanc, a yeast nutrient specialized for thiol production is  compared to fermentation using Fermaid O, a non-specialized yeast nutrient. Resulting wines had very similar general chemistry and thiol content. Triangle difference testing concluded the wines were different, however scores for thiol intensity were not significantly different between wines. Some fruity and floral esters were higher in the wine produced using Stimula Sauv Blanc.

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Summary Graph Stinson.jpg