Developing a protocol for rosé stabulation using Laffazyme THIOLS (Laffort) and Fermoplus Tropical (AEB)

Cardinal Point Winery, Tim Gorman

Based on results of previous studies of stabulation focusing on thiol production in roséand Sauvignon Blanc, Cardinal Point has decided to adopt stabulation in the production of its Cabernet Franc based rosé. To develop the protocol, several elements of a thiol-producing approach were tested individually and in concert including use of THIOLS (Laffort) enzyme and Fermoplus Tropical (AEB) nutrient. All treatments in the trial received stabulation, with addition of enzyme and nutrient both separately and together. Finished wine chemistry was the same for all treatments. In a ranking test for aromatic intensity, the wine treated with both enzyme and specialized nutrient ranked significantly higher than the other treatments, however there were no significant differences among the wines for descriptors of thiol intensity or green/herbal quality.

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