Sauvignon Blanc Clonal Investigation (2016)

This study examines the clonal differences between Sauvignon Blanc FPS 1, FPS 18, ENTAV 376, and ENTAV 241 planted in the same year in the same vineyard block. Grapes were harvested and pressed on the same day but kept separate, and all treatments between lots were kept the same. Yields were different between some clones, and the FPS clones tended to have higher malic acid and YAN. Clone 241 tended to have lower acidity and higher pH than the other clones, and the opposite trend was observed for FPS 1. Wines produced from FPS 1 and ENTAV 376 had the highest levels of 3-MH. Descriptive analysis found several differences between clones. Wine made with ENTAV 376 was highest in most sensory descriptors, and most people preferred Clone 376. However, these differences may not all be clonal, but could be due to variations between fermentations. As such, this study should be repeated in order to determine if clone 376 is truly much more aromatically intense.

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