The Effect Tannin Addition on the Sensory Qualities of Chambourcin Port-Style Wine (2016)

This study examined the impact of adding increasing levels of Querplus (oak tannin from Laffort) to Chambourcin Port-style wine on its sensory characteristics. The treatments for this study were no addition, 50ppm addition, 100ppm addition, and 150ppm addition (5g/hL, 10g/hL, and 15g/hL, respectively). All other treatments between wines were kept the same. Because of sugar and ethanol differences between the control and treatment wines (due to mixing effects), the control wine was not tasted. Barrels were not identical between treatments, but 10-year-old barrels were used for each treatment. Adding Querplus did not affect wine chemistry or phenolics. Overall, higher amounts of Querplus were preferred by judges. 150ppm had a slight tendency to increase the perception of Sweetness, and 100ppm tended to increase the perception of Alcohol and Body. Astringency was not very affected by the treatments. None of these impacts were very pronounced, however. More work is needed on the interaction of tannin, ethanol, and sugar in Port-style wines.

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