The Effect of Juice Turbidity on Aroma Development in Chardonnay (2016)

This study compares the effects of fermenting Chardonnay juice at a low turbidity, medium turbidity (110NTU), and high turbidity (225 NTU). Juice from the same pick of Chardonnay was settled and racked into barrels. Turbidity was adjusted by adding back fine lees to the juice. All other treatments between wines were the same. The 110 NTU and 225 NTU wines had no chemical differences. The wines were not found to be statistically different at tastings, and those who were able to correctly distinguish the wines had a slight tendency to prefer the wine made from higher turbidity. This wine had a slight trend to be higher in Overall Aromatic Intensity and lower in Bitterness. More work is needed here to obtain a better understanding of the effect of juice turbidity on wine quality. It may be that the turbidity difference in this study was too small to have a great effect on the wine flavor profile.

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