Levulia Alcomeno (AEB) Yeast Trial on Cabernet Franc (2016)

This study examines the impact of Levulia Alcomeno (K. thermotolerans) yeast inoculation followed by inoculation with FX-10 after 4 days versus inoculating with FX-10 alone on Cabernet Franc wine. K. thermotolerans is a yeast species which often produces wine of higher acidity and lower ethanol. Although the Levulia Alcomeno fermentation had a longer lag phase, they both finished fermentation around the same time. Wine fermented with Levulia Alcomeno showed slightly increased TA, lactic acid, and decreased pH and ethanol, which is consistent with K. thermotolerans fermentation profiles. The decrease in pH corresponds to a 23% increase in proton concentration. Additionally, this wine showed less acetaldehyde and more isoamyl alcohol. These results suggest that Levulia Alcomeno, while potentially affecting the chemical makeup of wine, did not have a strong impact on the sensory qualities of wine. It may have slightly increased Fruit Intensity and decreased Astringency, but if so this was a weak trend. This yeast shows promise, however, and more studies are warranted to determine whether this yeast can reproducibly produce these effects, and whether these effects are enhanced based on different starting fruit chemistry. At this point, no firm conclusions can be drawn.

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