Hyperoxidation Fining Trials of Petit Manseng (2016)

This study examines the effect of adding fining agents to hyperoxidized Petit Manseng juice on the sensory and phenolic characteristics of Petit Manseng. After reducing the temperature to 10-12°C, Petit Manseng juice was hyperoxidized by pumping four volumes of juice over a sump screen, taking about 10 minutes. After this process, juice was very brown and then sulfur dioxide was added at 50ppm. Juice was then split into two vessels, one of which was fined with casein, PVPP, and bentonite to remove solids and phenolic compounds. All other treatments between juices and wines were identical. Overall, no major chemical, color, or phenolic differences were observed between the wines, suggesting that fining juice after hyperoxidation does not do much to alter the color and phenolic properties of the wine. Triangle testing suggests that the wines were significantly different from each other (p<0.001), likely due to a difference in turbidity. No preferences could be seen for one wine over the other. The fined wine had a slight tendency for lower Tropical Fruit and increased Bitterness/Astringency.

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