The Effect of Tan Citrus on Petit Manseng (2016)

This study compares Petit Manseng wine fermented either with or without the enological tannin Tan Citrus (Enartis) added before primary fermentation. When combined with yeast with β-glycosidic activity, this tannin may increase fruit and floral aromas in wine. The yeast used in this study was 58W3, a glycosidic yeast. No major chemical differences were found between wines. Wines made with Tan Citrus had higher tannin content and slightly lowered grape reaction product, which may suggest that Tan Citrus helped protect the wine against oxidation. Triangle sensory testing revealed that the wines were significantly different (p<0.001). No major sensory trends could be seen with the descriptors used in this study, and judges were split on which wine they preferred.

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