The Effect of Bactiless on Microbial Stability in Petit Verdot (2016)

This study examines the impact of Bactiless (ScottLabs) on the chemical, microbial, and sensory profiles of two Petit Verdot wines, one of which was not tasted. Petit Verdot wine was racked into two separate barrels for each wine, and allowed to undergo natural malolactic conversion. After malolactic conversion, one barrel from each wine received a sulfur dioxide addition of 6.6g/hL, whereas the other barrel from each wine received 4.4g/hL sulfur dioxide and 50g/hL Bactiless. After 10 days both barrels were racked and returned. Bactiless seemed to lower cell counts for Pediococcus sp, acetic acid bacteria, and Oenococcus oeni. The results varied between wines, however. Other microbes were not strongly impacted by the treatment, but in many cases the cell count may have been too low to be impacted by the treatment. The wines were not significantly different from triangle testing. No major descriptive trends could be seen in this study.

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