Different Maceration Techniques in Cabernet Franc (2015)

Cabernet Franc was fermented in three separate ways.  The control received no cold soak nor extended maceration.  One wine was fermented in the Maceration a Chaud du Marc style, where fermenting juice was racked into another tank where the temperature was kept around 20C (70F), the skin was left in the Tbin and temperature was brought up to 42C (107F) until the juice reached a specific gravity of 1.020 and was blended back with the skin.  The third wine received both a cold soak and extended maceration.  No chemical differences were observed between wines, except that the wine with cold soak and extended maceration had higher pH, lower TA, and lower ethanol.  Maceration a Chaud du Marc slightly increased polymeric pigment and color, and slightly decreased hue.  People tended to prefer the Maceration a Chaud du Marc, in spite of being described of having some typical Brettanomyces aromas.

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