The Effect of Different Aging Vessels on the Sensory Qualities of Viognier (2016)

This study examines the effects of aging Viognier wine in concrete eggs, stainless steel barrels, and acacia barrels on the chemical and sensory qualities of Viognier. One lot of Viognier wine was split into these different aging vessels after a week of fermentation. The wine was aged in these vessels for approximately four months. No chemical differences could be found between wines, except that acacia barrels exhibited the lowest levels of dimethyl sulfide. Aging in acacia barrels tended to reduce Fruit Intensity and Overall Aromatic Intensity and increase Yeast Character. Stainless steel and concrete egg aging tended to help maintain Fruit Intensity and Aroma. In general, aging in acacia barrels was least preferred compared to other treatments. More studies on these different aging vessels should be performed, perhaps with different aging times and types of wine.

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